What is Hazardous Waste?

Waste is hazardous when it has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment. 

The term ‘hazardous’ does not always mean that such waste is immediately harmful, though some can be.

Airload provides a liquid waste disposal solution for various clients operating in the industrial, commercial, public service, construction and domestic sectors.

If your liquid waste is hazardous or non hazardous: with over 30 years experience and knowledge of the industry Airload will provide a suitable route to collect, transport and correctly dispose of your Hazardous waste stream at a licensed treatment or disposal facility.

Using vacuum tankers, deep lift super combination units, liquid ring pump units or specialist pumps, we collect liquid waste from various locations, such as:

Should the waste need to be sampled or the method of the works discussed a site meeting can be arranged.

Below are just some of the various liquid waste streams we typically handle:

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