Flood Clearance

Flood Clearance needed

Living in these times of climate change, we have all seen and heard of the flooding which has caused havoc across the UK.


Airload Environmental has played its part in many of the clear up operations across Yorkshire, hiring out pumps and vacuum tankers to clean up the silt and disinfect the flooded areas.


Working as a service provider to the highways, utilities, emergency services, steel and coal manufacturers.  


Here at Airload Environmental we have to be able to react both quickly and effectively to minimize damage and the impact of the flood water with a clear flood clearance plan.

Flood Clearance Solutions

Sandbag Installation Service
Traditionally, sandbags have been used to block
doorways, drains and other openings into properties as
well as to weigh-down manhole covers, garden furniture
and to block sink, toilet and bath drains to prevent
water backing up.
• They can keep water out for short periods which
can be improved by using them in conjunction with
plastic sheeting.
• They can filter out some muddy sediments found
in flood waters.
• They are cheap and easy to install.
If the sandbags are contaminated by flood water,
they should be disposed of safely at your nearest waste disposal site 
or contact us  for a flood clearance plan, For more info on sandbags contact the Environment Agency 
or Read This Sandbags and how to use them properly for flood protection