Tanker Hire


Tanker Hire


Waste Tanker Hire

Waste tankers are ideal for transporting safely and cleanly any wet liquid waste which needs to be disposed of. Here at Airload, we have a number of tankers of varying sizes available for you to hire, depending on your needs.


Suitable for a variety of purposes from controlling surface water to emptying underground tanks, our slurry tankers have the strength and capacity to aid you in liquid waste disposal, collection and treatment.


Whatever the reason your require a Bulk load tanker, whether it’s sewage removaltank cleaning or simply a means to safely treat and dispose of waste, our friendly team at Airload Environmental are here to help you.



Jet Vac Tanker Hire

Each of our specialists VAC Tankers is equipped with High Pressure Jet Washer to aid in dislodging blockages and cleaning

Whatever the reason your require our slurry tanker, whether it’s sewage removal, tank cleaning or simply a means to safely treat and dispose of waste, our friendly team here at Airload Environmental are here to help.


High Lift Vacuum Tankers

Here at Airload Environmental we specialize in high lift vacuum tankers for hire. Suitable for many different uses, including the transportation of solids and liquids, including waste, they provide a safe, clean logistic solution.


Our vacuum tankers are also suitable for transporting all hazardous waste, thanks to their robust structure and make-up. And as they’re able to hold between 1,000 and 6,000 Gallons of Waste, they’re large enough to handle any job.


Depending on the nature of the material to be moved, our vacuum tankers are available in both Mild and Stainless Steel


Our vacuum tankers can also be used as a means of drain unblocking and cleaning interceptors, as are engaged with High Volume Jetters from 30 to 90 Gallons per minute.

Simply give us a call on 0114 2696788 or email us at Info@Airload.co.uk for further information!

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