Airload are ever aware of keeping our customers needs in the fore front of all environmental developments taking place within the petroleum industry. As in all industries these days waste regulations bite deeper and become more stringent as time goes by.

To help you ease this problem why not let Airload take on that responsibility, with our garage forecourt services.

Airload will program a twice yearly service to empty your forecourt interceptor wastes. During this service our fully trained staff will visually survey the condition of the lining and report our findings to your station management after removing the contents of the interceptors.

Airload will issue a certificate under the ‘Duty of Care’ to comply with the regular station inspection. Your vehicle wash will be treated with the same care and attention.


Interceptors are designed to allow only waste water to drain from the outlet, trapping pollutants such as fuel oil and waste solids within the confines of the interceptor.


Airload’s Forecourt Service will attend to any petrol/oil spillages, as an emergency, should the need arise. The spillage will be contained by our experienced staff thus isolating the problem and reducing the danger to other station users. The problem waste will be transferred in preparation for subsequent disposal. Airload Environmental will arrange all relevant consignment notes with the Environmental Agency to complete satisfaction of the customer.


Airload’s Forecourt Services will during the twice yearly visit to your station inspect and remove any silt from the drainage pots within the site at the request of the customer. This type of pre-planning should save time and also the expensive call out charges associated with blocked drains.