drill cuttings


Sludge builds up in tanks, ponds, lagoons and vessels over time. The sludge needs to be removed at regular intervals in order to maintain a smooth running operation.   Sludge removal can be a hazardous task if performed manually. For this reason tank, ponds, lagoons and vessel sludge removal is carried out remotely wherever possible, or with minimum man-entry in confined spaces With the aid of jet vac tankers or a sludge pump, Here at Airload Environmental ltd we can provide both. We can handle all types of sludge from Hazardous to non-Hazardous sludge and we have many ways of removing waste sludge.   We were famous at the old Rotherham engineering steels (R,E,S) site for removing the heaviest sludge from the clarifier and thickener tanks, So if you need a good reliable  sludge removal company look no further, We are here Airload Environmental ltd and our slogan is Suckers For Sludge